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We are all avid fly fishermen and love to chase bluewater fish with fly rods.  We target: shortbill spearfish (probably our most sought after fish on a fly rod), blue marlin (mostly in the 150 – 200 lb. range, where anglers have a more realistic chance of landing their fish – but feel free to go bigger if you’re feeling brave), and striped marlin; and can even try for mahi-mahi and and tuna.  Our captain and crew are  experienced with catching and landing these fish on fly gear and can give you a great chance at doing the same.

Part of our fly fishing emphasis is reflected in our boat choice.  Sweet Sadie is exceptionally maneuverable and swift, allowing the captain to effectively fight fish in ways many other boats simply cannot.  In large measure, this makes the difference between landing and losing fish – we land fish!

Likewise, we fish only the highest quality fly gear: new Orvis H3D and TFO fly rods (16 wt., 14 wt, 12 wt. and 10 wt.), Hatch saltwater reels and Scientific Anglers and RIO fly lines.  We also provide all the flies you’ll need.  Just show up and you’ll be good to go.

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