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Mat Bowman - Captain

My entire life, I’ve loved to fish and be on the water.  I am a graduate from Maine Maritime Academy with a Bachelors Degree in Marine Transportation, and spent my early years in the industry running tugs all over Central and South America. 

Today, one of my greatest passions is fishing Kona for big blue marlin.  I’ve now been fishing here full time for ten years, and still love it like I did at the very beginning.  It is here I caught my first two granders (1,000-plus pound blue marlin): one as a mate working for Kevin Nakamura on the Northern Lights, and the second as the captain of the boat – this fish weighed 1,309 pounds and was the largest blue marlin caught anywhere in the world in 2015!  For this catch I was recognized as the In The Bite Captain of the Year.  [Read Full Story].  Fishing Kona, I’ve gained a deep understanding of what it takes to catch big fish.

For the past several years, I have also spent part of my time captaining the boat Grander in Madeira, Portugal. There, too, I have gained great experience in catching big blues.  From 2016 through 2018 , we were the “top release boat” in Madeira, releasing more blue marlin than any other boat. 

I’ve been involved with Sweet Sadie from the start, overseeing a comprehensive refit to make her an ideal fishing platform for Kona.

If you fish with us, I will do everything possible to give you the best chance at catching some great fish and, more importantly, having a great time!

Kyle Vannatta - First Mate and Relief Captain

As a native Hawaiian and third generation fisherman, I’ve fished Kona since I was a child. 

My first real job was on a charter boat in Kona and I have not looked back.  We have a phenomenal fishery here, and a fantastic boat to fish from.  Like Mat, I have seen and caught granders here in Hawaii and many more big marlin than I could possibly count.  I can honestly say, I have fished for every species of game fish swimming Kona’s waters! 

Beyond my time in Kona, I have honed my skills on big fish working in places like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and Madeira, Portugal.  In both places, I’ve seen some jaw dropping fish.  Just last year, I landed a black marlin weighing a 1,144 pounds. I’ve likewise served as crew for a number of IGFA record catches, most currently a billfish on a fly rod.  And I was featured on the fishing show, Pacific Blues.

Like Mat, I will give it my all to make sure you have a great time fishing with us on Sweet Sadie.  Just let us know how you’d like the day to go, and we will do everything possible to make it happen!

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