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Anglers travel from all over the world to fish Kona.  Most come for the chance at big Pacific blue marlin:  in Kona, 
more granders (1,000 lb. and over fish) have been caught than anywhere else in the world.  While fishing is fishing and huge marlin don’t get caught everyday, unlike many other blue marlin fisheries, they are always a possibility in Kona.  And, in the meantime, we have plenty of the little guys, say in the 150 to 300 pound range!

But blue marlin are not the only reason to fish Kona.  We have shortbill spearfish, striped marlin, yellowfin and big eye tuna and mahi-mahi, among many other fish.  In fact, Kona is arguably the only spot in the world where the elusive shortbill spearfish can be targeted and caught with any consistency.

Additionally, Kona has plenty of bottom fishing for fish like snapper, opah and monchong.  And then there are all those strange creatures that live on the bottom of the Pacific that sometimes end up on a fishing line.  It makes for a great time for even the littlest of the kids, as we are all but guaranteed to put some fish on the boat when out bottom fishing.

Beyond the super fishing, an extremely attractive aspect of the fishery is that all the fishing is done on the protected lee side of the island where the ocean and winds are calm and light and land is almost always within sight.  Plus, the runs are extremely short, and we will often start fishing within a few hundred yards of the marina.

And, with her clean running engines, Sweet Sadie puts out zero diesel fumes or foul smell. In short, not a lot of time wasted before the fishing starts, no packing it in early for a long ride home and not a lot of seasickness! 

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